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Banner design 10: Flash version

Banner design 10: Static version


The Final Countdown

Available statistics/information

This banner appeared in the 15 key battleground states exclusively and only on Election Day 2008. Separate versions of the design were made for each state, swapping out the code for the time, timezone, and state name.

The banner acted as a last-minute reminder to those states with electoral votes on the line on election day.

The countdown graphics are set to run to zero after the closing time displayed in the ad. So you’re out of luck if you’re checking this out after 9PM on any given day. It will start ticking away again after midnight.


Roll-over the banner for the big timer experience.


The original request for this banner was to just say “…you still have time to vote, polls are still open, confirm your polling place [or something like that].” The timer creates a visual of time actually running out and it was definitely worth the trouble to make a specific banner for each of the key states.

I worked with Jordan Wilson on the script for the timer. He’s an ActionScript genius.

Date completed

November 1st, 2008


• There’s still time to Vote for Barack Obama
• [state name] polls close at [state time] today
• Find locations


300×250 (shown) 160×600, 728×90 for each state. 45 banners total.

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