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Banner design 2: Flash version

Banner design 2: Static version


Obama VP Announcement

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The Obama campaign definitely was the first to use modern tech to its fullest potential. Offering to text-message or email everyone and anyone the minute the Vice President was decided created a great buzz for the campaign. This VP banner design got an impressive reaction and helped with a remarkable increase in donations.


Roll-over the banner to see the spoooooky silhouettes of vice presidents of the future!


The text animation style I came up with for the first banner design is repeated here along with the eye catching Obama photo entry. It is accompanied by a rising sun backdrop.

In the copy, the mysterious “Someone”, although kitschy, proved to be effective no matter how stupid my wife thought it was. The question of the Vice President brought new life to an already thriving campaign and the call to action–finding out who the VP was going to be FIRST–was probably what made the entire concept perform so well.

Date completed

August 11th, 2008


• Obama ’08… and Someone
• Be the first to know Obama’s VP via email
• Join Us
• Text 62262


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