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Obama Registration Ad

Available statistics/information

The first banner created for the Obama design team by Al Designs was a huge success. This banner increased the click-thru-rate from previous Obama creative by 33%. It increased conversions by 20% and thus resulted in 20% as many donations from image ads.


Roll-over the banner for the excitement you’d expect from an Obama design.


The general feeling was that the bigger the Barack the better the click-thru-rate will be. Why not? People love that guy! This design got Obama on the ad as big and fast as possible. It caught the viewers eye with bright animation, strong calls to action and stayed within branding guidlines. All under 30k in memory size, it still maintains a strong design style and professional appeal.

As was the case with many of the photos used in Obama online advertising, the photo looks to have been taken with a camera phone by wolves. Wolves with Camera Phones. The secrets of the Obama design team revealed!

Date completed

July 18th, 2008


• Help Elect Barack Obama President
• Visit the official Barack Obama Website now.
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300×250 (shown) 160×600, 120×600, 728×90

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